Secure Legal Mail Processing System


LEMPS is built on the same proven methodology as TextBehind®

End-to-end Encryption

All documents are transmitted using multiple encryption layers.


Track documents on every step of the way and actually WATCH how they were delivered.

For Attorneys

Throughout the duration of the client’s defense case, we understand that organizing and sending documents to and from the correctional facilities can be a highly cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Not anymore.

LEMPS (Legal Mail Processing System) by TextBehind is designed to streamline legal document delivery and its video tracking a hassle-free process between Law Offices and the incarcerated clients.

For the Correctional Facilities & Incarcerated Clients

LEMPS is a reliable combination of high-end technology, hardware, and intelligent process.

As a result, the correctional facility staff is able to manage legal mail delivery to the end-user without compromising safety, security, or privacy.

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